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Why iLife Sciences?

iLS is a Unique Fit for the Needs of Life Sciences Companies

iLife Sciences possesses a blend of experience that includes direct participation within life sciences companies and extensive knowledge of the technology, process and standards used in clinical research. The iLife Sciences Implementation Team uses this blend of knowledge and experience as a  foundation for understanding the uniqueness of life sciences companies to accurately identify, design and develop a strategic plan for building a data standards culture that drives immediate  improvement in data quality and supports more timely access to data and information to inform research decisions. Beyond the strategic plan, iLife Sciences has the clinical data and technology  knowledge to implement the various CDISC standards, Governance and the related data models to effectively execute on their client’s data and technology strategies.

Why choose iLife Sciences?

  • Our unique combination of clinical research experience (planning, managing, and delivering clinical trials), technologies used in clinical IT arena, and data standards expertise
  • Our experience with building data models to support clinical data management, data warehousing, programming, analytics, reporting, and FDA submissions
  • Our extensive implementation experience and knowledge of CDISC, eCTD and many other industry standards
  • Experience guiding development of, and implementing, standards Governance processes
  • Our significant expertise in software development and implementation including developing SAS-based software solutions and delivering SAS Solutions (SDD, CDI, etc.) within Life Science companies
  • Familiarity working within a regulated products industry with multi-phased development processes found in clinical research and the related data continuum from capture through to submission

Within the Life Sciences Practice, the Standards Implementation Team can help develop and implement a standards implementation strategy. With expertise in developing clinical data repositories coupled with experience in industry standards, we are positioned to understand the unique and evolving challenges and intricacies of implementing an internal company standards program

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